PUMP(kin) IT UP!

It's that time of the year, PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! We can supply all varieties below..

Pumpkin Varieties:

  • French Peanut
  • Striped, Blue and Regular Cheese
  • Marina Di Chioggia
  • Field Trips Pumpkins
  • Face Pumpkins
  • Mini White and Mini Orange Pumpkins
  • Milk Pumpkins
  • Soup Bowl Pumpkins
  • Fairytale Pumpkins
  • Cinderella Pumpkins
  • XXL Pumpkin

Squash Varieties:

  • Blue Hubbard
  • Orange Hubbard
  • Kabocha Squash
  • Carnival Squash
  • Long Neck Butternut
  • Turkish Turban
  • Red Kuri Squash
  • Delicata Squash

Other Ornamentals:

  • Corn Stalks
  • Mini and Regular Indian Corn
  • Hay Bales
  • Gourds
  • Goose Gourds

did you know...

The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,140 pounds.

some other great items we stock...


BAKING: flour, cornstarch, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder

CANNED: artichoke hearts, black beans, kidney beans, capers, corn, chick peas, peeled plum tomato

CHEESE: american sliced, blue cheese, cream cheese, marscapone, fresh mozzarella, provolone

DAIRY: butter, creme fraiche, half and half, whole milk, greek yogurt

OIL: blended, canola, evoo, fry, peanut, sesame, truffle

VINEGAR: apple cider, balsamic, red wine, rice wine, white

NON-EDIBLES: versa and deli containers, trash can liners

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FALL in love with this season's harvest

local supply...

  • local broccoli
  • local apples - fuji, jonamac, ginger gold 
  • local tomatoes - beefsteak, yellow, heirlooms
  • local corn
  • local hard squashes (see below)
  • local kale
  • local concord grapes
  • local cantaloupe
  • local pumpkins

hard squash flavor guide... 

ACORN -  mild, somewhat sweet and nutty flavor, the skin is also edible

BUTTERCUP - sweet, creamy flavor

BUTTERNUT - the sweetest variety of winter squashes

DELICATA - creamy flesh with a mild flavor similar to sweet potatoes

SPAGHETTI -  tender, chewy, and a very mild flavor, it lacks sweetness

did you know...

Only one type of apple is native to the U.S...the crabapple.

some other great items we stock...

a variety of oils, cheeses, dairy, tofu, nuts, spices, and canned goods. Contact your rep for more info and pricing!


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