FALL in love with this season's harvest

local supply...

  • local broccoli
  • local apples - fuji, jonamac, ginger gold 
  • local tomatoes - beefsteak, yellow, heirlooms
  • local corn
  • local hard squashes (see below)
  • local kale
  • local concord grapes
  • local cantaloupe
  • local pumpkins

hard squash flavor guide... 

ACORN -  mild, somewhat sweet and nutty flavor, the skin is also edible

BUTTERCUP - sweet, creamy flavor

BUTTERNUT - the sweetest variety of winter squashes

DELICATA - creamy flesh with a mild flavor similar to sweet potatoes

SPAGHETTI -  tender, chewy, and a very mild flavor, it lacks sweetness

did you know...

Only one type of apple is native to the U.S...the crabapple.

some other great items we stock...

a variety of oils, cheeses, dairy, tofu, nuts, spices, and canned goods. Contact your rep for more info and pricing!


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