...last taste of summer...

Summer is winding down, and so is the local summer harvest! Check out what's going out and coming in and stock up for your Labor Day feast!

get them while they last...

  • local sweet corn
  • local crisp watermelon
  • local juicy cantaloupe
  • local crisp peppers
  • local sweet onions
  • local heirlooms and beefsteaks
  • local plump peaches

coming into season...

  • purple sweet potato
  • quince
  • local hard squashes
  • local concord grapes

peak season...

  • figs
  • papayas

did you know...

You can stay hydrated by eating watermelon. They are made up of 92% water!

just a reminder...

FarmArt will be closed for deliveries Monday, September 5th for Labor Day. Have a great, safe holiday!

**make sure to check out our new website at www.farmartproduce.com !**