Needless to say, our site was looking a bit aged and in need of makeover, so we hope you enjoy the new look! Some goals for the site will be conveying more information to our valued customers, giving you more of a glimpse of who FarmArt is and accessibility to our products and placing your orders online.

Check out some of the features of the new site..

  • ONLINE ORDERING - Enter your orders on our easy to navigate ordering system. You can create lists, check previous invoices and search our product list.
  • FARM BIOS - Get to know some of the local farmers who harvest the delicious crops we deliver to you.
  • PRODUCT LISTS - Our inventory is expansive and we think you'll be pleased to see what other items we can supply to you!
  • HOT PICKS - Explore our good buys for the week!
  • NEWSLETTER - In this blog format we will convey market trends, new items in stock, any food safety issues, and weekly specials. Never miss one by subscribing and entering your email below!

Feel free to email us at info@farmartproduce.com with feedback or comments you may have regarding the new site!

Your Friends at FarmArt